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Because the Rich Group system is simple to install and requires little user intervention in operation, it combines low start-up costs with the significant benefits of predictive maintenance. Since it doesn’t require any sensor installation on the equipment itself, and it can be installed in non-EX areas, Rich Group MCM is a particularly good solution for inaccessible equipment in the oil and gas industry.


Typical applications where you can monitor either electrical, mechanical and process  conditions:

There are a lot of moving parts in this area, being the main ones of course the stamping and pressing machines. Usually several presses are linked together to create a multi-stage forming line.

These lines have conveying systems driven by electric motors that need to be monitored. Also, most of the presses are pneumatic and require an air compressor for the pressurized air supply. Monitor your conveying systems and compressors with Rich Group monitoring technology and reduce downtime at the press shop.

Do not forget any motor-driven equipment can be monitored, so decoilers and other equipment from the palletizer can be monitored too.

In the body-in-white stage of the automotive production, it is very important to ensure reliability to keep the flow of material towards the painting process. Again, conveyors are very important and monitoring their condition is essential. Also, with Rich Group monitoring units, you can keep an eye on the condition of automated turn tables and welding tools as they are motor driven machines.

Again, many tools in this stage require a supply of pressurized air. Monitor the compressors for the body-in-white stage with Rich Group technology. Sometimes storage is needed and done in a vertical fashion by means of lifts. Monitor the drives of the lift and ensure this task is done properly.

Again, as this is a step in a process, the parts are moved around with conveying systems and they should also be monitored. Monitor the water pumps that supply the water needed for the rinsing baths and washing booths used in surface treatment.

Ventilation is an important part of the painting process in the automotive industry. Monitor the fans used to supply fresh air and extract the polluted air. Rich Group technology helps you detect problems such as misalignment and imbalance on the motors and fans.

In addition, monitor all the pumps used for the paint supply, the real heart of the painting stage.

The Powertrain parts are usually cast in a foundry. For a foundry to properly work there are pumps that supply water for cooling. Monitor these pumps and the fans of the cooling tower. Also monitor any conveying systems and machine tools used to finish the parts.

Monitor the air compressors that are used for the pneumatic tools used in the engine and gearbox assembly. Also, tests are a very important part of the stage and the test rigs should be monitored so the results can be accurate.

Again, a lot of conveying systems form part of this stage and Rich Group helps you monitor the condition of their drives and any other motor-driven equipment of this stage.

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