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Rich Group Petrol company established in 2017 and since then it has been one of the leading trading companies in marketing and supplying of Petrolium, Petrochemical, Power and Railway products in the international markets. Trying to expand its market presence through improving service quality and offering better product to meet customers needs and finally satisfying them are amongst Rich Group main objectives. With regard to technical and financial potency and validity, since the initiation of establishment Rich Group Company accomplished to contract dozens of agreements with providers and costumers in the international area.

Our Services


With regard to considerable facilities and qualified experts at its disposal, through pursuing and uninterrupted planning Rich Group Co. is entirely versed in regulations of international trade and transportation, banking and taxes affairs, and immediately supplies customer’s required equipments with a competitive cost, even under sanction conditions. Various compressors, analyzers, instrumentation, measurement and control devices, telecommunication equipment, pipeline scanners, X-ray inspection system of various pumps, valves, flow computers, and monitoring equipment, detection equipment, uranium and metal mines, milling machines and CNC machine, pipes and connections made of special alloys, generator, power and measurement transformers, electrical panels, power circuit breakers, protection relays, test and inspection equipment, equipment and spare parts for plants production line.


Based on experienced expert competency in field of designing and presenting engineering projects of Power, Oil, Gas, and other fundamental industries, the company’s engineering and designing unit is capable of submitting an extensive range of technical and engineering services. By uninterrupted efforts in acquiring knowledge and latest modern technology, moreover, experts carry out duties to precise control and monitoring on technical specification of equipment contract.


Rich Group Company has been authorized by government to perform projects in the fields of petroleum and power industries include engineering, procurement and construction services. Also, Increasing the Speed and Accuracy and fulfilling the projects before their deadlines is one of our basic priorities. Executive services for Electrical, Automation and instrumentation and piping systems of of oil, gas, petrochemical industries. Installation, test & commissioning of high voltage substation. Construction of distribution networks and high voltage transmission lines. Executive services for Electrical, Automation and instrumentation systems of industrial plants. Installation and commissioning services of industrial plants production lines and machineries. Executive services for Electrical and automation system of railway.


Oil, Gas, Petrochemical


By putting oil and gas industries at the top of activities, in its history Rich Group Company recorded the accomplishment of numerous contracts and projects in these industries.

Uninterrupted and active attendance in supplying merchandise and executive projects in aforementioned domain are the intention and priority of the Company. Procedures for Gas and Oil industries contain replenishing key equipments such as: control systems optimization, administration and exchange the covering of oil and gas transition pipeline, installation of upstream equipments, metering package, supplying of installation and accomplishment of cathode protection equipments, monitoring systems, announcement and quenching fire of industrial centers, etc. Based upon brilliant experiments in these industries and through the benefit of technological ability and modern management system, administration of auspicious and raised projects and contracts of international area, by entrance to gas and oil industry Rich Group Company considered as a domain for utilization of excellent background of management. Also the Company intended to substantiate an effective presence in Oil and Gas industries and take a new step forward the development and advantage of country’s industry. Presently, Oil and Gas technical-commercial activities, is one of the significant domain of business in Rich Group Co. and its extent development and momentously of activities are noticeable.

Rail transportation


Rail industry play significant role in transportation, development and economy as one of the fundamental industries. In addition to training and recruitment of specialized experts as to create a suitable basis for aforementioned industry, under its aims Rich Group Company steps into supplying the requirements of rail industry managers.

At the mentioned area Company’s activities are grounded in, Line, Structure, Signaling, Traction, and Rail vehicles.

In first and foremost time of the entrance, Rich Group Company stepped into this industry by prescience and positive approach and presently the company has become one of the staid and considerable activists in the industry after a short time. At the moment, domestic and international markets are aspects of the company’s rail industry.

Mine and infra-structure


Regardless of extensive activities in Power, Rail transportation, Gas, Oil and Petrochemical industries, Rich Group Company had accomplished multitudinous Mining and Industry contracts.

Followings are some of the Rich Group projects:

  • Procurement of all kinds of machines and plasma cutting parts, CNC, Hydraulic press
  • Procurement and commissioning of inspective and protective machines
  • Procurement of wide range of industrial and workshop cranes and special applications
  • Design, supply, and installation of all required instruments of production lines and automation of food and drug industries.
  • Supply and installation of different types of fans, conveyor, industrial bearing, etc.
  • Supply of heavy and light machinery spare parts



By dedicating dexterous experts in this domain, over the years of establishment, Rich Group Company has been able to accomplish numerous contracts of supplying and administrating high voltage equipments, transmission lines, and renewable energies successfully and supported its managers by the latest modern technology.

Power industry, constitute one of the primary domains of Rich Group Company. The Company works and invests in manifold bases such as design, equipments supplement, management, and administration of power station projects and it has unique capability and competency. All achievements are issued from technical and financial experiments and capabilities of the company.

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